This is Laurel Run Falls located near Church Hill Tennessee. The park itself was donated to the community by the movie producers that made the movie the River Starring Mel Gibson . There are 4 beautiful waterfalls here ,Kiner , Logger and Upper Logger falls . The last 2 are very rarely visited and are unknown and off trail to all but a few people.

Beautiful Gentry Creek falls trail. I arrived here that day at 7 am just after sunrise and was blessed by our Creator to see and take the most Magical hike of my life ! The Suttle Amber glow along the whole trail was like walking in Paradise!

This is another view of the Beautiful lady Upper Gentry Creek falls and the Magical trail . She’s in my top 4 favorites I’ve seen out of a little under 400 or so .. I hope you all have a Supercalafragilistic Day!